Your competitors are no longer just local

All sectors must reinvent themselves and not only tour operators or spare parts sellers. The digital transformation is redefining your business model and reshuffling the cards, because with the advent of heavyweights in e-commerce (Amazon, Aliexpress, Wish…) or online tourism (Booking, Airbnb…) some companies will find themselves in trouble. Your competitors are no longer just local At a time of short circuits and new responsible consumption patterns, particularly for the food sector, it should also be noted that each company had an average of 6 competitors in 2014, and that it has 22. in 2018 (Source Hubspot).

Look at your smartphone and

see the apps (and sites) you use to convince yourself of this. You want to capture customers on the internet How to find customers online? After all, if they’re online, there’s no reason not to attract them Bulk SMS Ukraine to you rather than the competitor, right? To capture them, you not only need an effective website, marketing automation and CRM tools, but above all a real digital strategy. And no more excuses: e-commerce always represents more opportunities than risks and offers magnificent growth prospects. And don’t think that only “e-commerce-ready” companies are affected. Even a specialized lawyer, an SME that sells financing, kitchens, agricultural machinery.

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Builds swimming pools can attract customers via the internet. It can bring you growth Digitalization is The Sales & BF Leads Marketing Blog Why Is CRM Essential For An Association? Why is CRM essential for an association? CRM By Thierry Calderon 4 min. May 11, 2020 1 To finally manage all your contacts in the same place 2 Because an Excel is not a CRM 3 Because being in compliance with the GDPR is mandatory 4 Because you will save precious time 5 To sell benefits and renewing contributions 6 For marketing or the art of segmentation 7 For retaining donors 8 Managing new projects in collaborative mode.

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