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You can identify triggers

The value in what you have to offer him before he will agree to give you his e-mail. So all business brochures or technical sheets do not strictly constitute value-added content…but focus on the challenges and issues of your role. mmio-logo-white  Home Le Blog Sales & Marketing 3 Good Reasons To Use A Chatbot For Your Business In Reunion 3 Good Reasons To Use A Chatbot For Your Business In La Réunion Business Strategy Meeting By Floriane Mota 5 min. June 7, 2020 1 Improve the user experience on your site and facilitate navigation 2 To engage in conversation and generate qualified leads on your website 3 Deal with first-level tickets in after-sales service Share on: You’ve probably heard a lot about them in 2018: chatbots. And yet, they are not new: the first was created in 1966!

The chatbot also called

Conversational agent, is a program capable of “discussing” with an Internet user, either by following pre-established Bulk SMS Spain scenarios (simple chatbots) or by using artificial intelligence and machine learning (intelligent chatbots). Very popular topic at the moment with “conversational marketing”, it is however not a fad, it is a revolution (as Steve Jobs said). If chatbots seem to be a new marketing gimmick, they actually address real issues for businesses, in Reunion as elsewhere. We give you 3 good reasons to use a chatbot in Reunion. Improve the user experience on your site and facilitate navigation If you have a website with a lot of content or an e-commerce site, it may be appropriate to use a chatbot.

The chatbot can help with

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Navigation when a visitor is looking for information on your site. You can identify triggers to make the chatbot appear at the most opportune time and not scare your visitor away, for example: the visitor has been on the “prices” page for more than 30 seconds the visitor has spent more than 5 BF Leads minutes on the site the visitor has visited more than 5 pages what-is-a-chatbot-the-reunion For e-commerce sites with a large audience, this can also help your buyer find the product that suits him best within a category, to provide advice or to make a payment on an e-commerce site. Making yourself available on your website via a chat (instead of hiding your contact number in the back of your website): contributes to providing a good customer experience makes you more “contact-friendly.

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