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Strong signal of confidence is in line with the new expectations of availability, service and customer proximity and therefore contributes to satisfaction! To initiate the conversation and generate qualified leads on your website The chatbot offers a first level of engagement to immediately process lead requests and thus initiate the conversation on your website. It allows marketing to pre-qualify a prospect through specific questions, and collect information about their request before sending it to the sales team, if necessary. At the end of your conversation (or when you don’t have time to answer them for a while), you can ask for your prospect’s contact details and contact them again afterwards.

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Our team page, with a message tailored to the page the user is on. chatbot-mmio-page-team Some companies use the chatbot on Facebook, an increasingly popular tool for marketing campaigns. Indeed, Facebook alone generates 2 billion messages via Messenger each month! It has become “normal” to contact a company, in B2C and even in B2B, through this channel Bulk SMS Italy to express an interest or dissatisfaction, request information, make an appointment, or even to be called back. In particular, you can couple Facebook ads Messenger with the chatbot, on promotional offers for example. This allows you to have a personal interaction with the brand, to have a live feedback on your campaign and to deal with possible objections related to the offer.


Process first-level tickets in after sales

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Service After their purchase, your customers will probably come to your site if they have questions or even a complaint. In this specific case, your customers are hoping for fast and efficient support, 24/7 and… they hate BF Leads waiting. The questions they ask are mostly the same, and you’ve probably already identified these questions by making a top-level FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions or Knowledge Base) for your customer support team. By coupling the chatbot with an FAQ, you unclog the “worthless” tasks that your team must take care of and leave it to your chatbot to handle simple requests. Your g This approach is based on an inbound marketing approach you can discover here. A Guide to Effective Marketing Strategies in Reunion I downloaded the digital walkthrough guide.

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