The first reason to embark

Sometimes called digital transformation (or digitization), the digital transformation of the company is actually the digitization of its activity. Please note that we are talking about the entire activity of the company. And therefore not only the digitalization of marketing and communication or commerce. Having a Facebook page does not make you a digitized entity…. Because it is indeed a global process, a real breakthrough, which integrates all technological innovations (CRM, high-performance information system, marketing automation… .) but also commercial that the company needs to maximize, develop or transform its value chain and its business model. This also presupposes a change in the mentality of employees (and of the

CODIR and an acceptance of the break

With the model of the past. The press and the media, advertising or tourism, sectors that I know well, or even photography or training can testify to this. It concerns all companies with sectors that are more Bulk SMS Poland impacted in the short term than others. And although some leaders are still postponing their transformation (the age-old “we are different, I know my sector and my customers are not digital”), it is clear that recent events will further accelerate the process. And we are not talking about the simple implementation of telework. Why finally focus on digital transformation? For any project, before knowing how to set it up, it is essential to understand the “why”: Your customers are now digital 8 buyers out of 10 obtain information online before buying according to IFOP.

Even in B2BThe purchase paths are

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Multiple, omnichannel and the customer has all the available offer just a click away. The last few years have been marked by a profound change in their uses, by the adoption of new technologies and new BF Leads media (smartphones, tablets), and by an increase in the offers available and the practices inherent in these changes.  on the complete digital transformation of your business is simply that your customers have changed and have digitized themselves. Your business model is running out of steam Toys R’us, Thomas Cook, Kodak, Blackberry but also Paruvendu have paid the price and not to reassure you, it doesn’t just happen to others.

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