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For example, if you sell CRM software, your price is most likely based on the number of users. If you know the size of your prospects’ sales team, you have a pretty accurate estimate of their potential. For example: if you are talking to web developers and web editors, and web developers earn you an average of €250 / year while web editors earn you an average of €100 / year, you will be able to estimate the potential a new lead. You will only have to bring your new leads closer to your persona. Some make the radical choice (especially at the beginning of the company) to only process leads considered “ICP”, and to exclude everything else. Others will be more opportunistic. A balance has to be found. lead-scoring-estimate-prospects Estimating the probability of conversion The best way to estimate the probability of conversion is to measure the degree of engagement with you: Which pages of your website did the prospect visit? If he has visited “a-propos” and “on-recruit”, you know that it is probably not very relevant to call him.


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Contact” and “tariffs”, it will be much more appropriate. What articles from your blog did the prospect read? This Bulk SMS Romania gives you an idea of the degree of commitment and the stage of reflection in which it is. Subscription to your newsletter, opening of your emails, whether or not he follows you on Linkedin, etc. We can also try to estimate the number of common points (common contacts on Linkedin, city of origin, type of industry, etc.) for the most advanced or those whose strategy relies heavily on social selling. Unfortunately, this information can be relatively expensive to obtain, it requires real tools, and it is not really easy to deploy tools. But don’t panic, there is also a simpler method: ask the question. If you practice inbound marketing, you know the impommio-logo-white

What is Digital Business Transformation

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What is digital business transformation? BF Leads Digitization By Thierry Calderon 8 min. May 13, 2020 1 Digital transformation, kesako? 2 Why finally focus on digital transformation? 3 The 4 pillars of digital transformation 4 To be or not to be, that is the question! Share on: Digital transformation is at the heart of business priorities and more than ever with the unprecedented situations we are going through (yellow vests, Covid…). If commercial sites and the tourist sector remain precursors of the digitization of commerce, all activities are – or will sooner or later be affected – here as elsewhere. Digital transformation, kesako? We have been talking about it for several years now.

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