When is it worth using of clicks

Using historical information and evaluating contextual signals, the algorithm adjusts CPC bids to maximize conversions. It’s important to remember that Maximize campaigns aim to use your daily budget – if you’re currently spending less than your budget, you can expect to spend significantly more when you change your bid strategy. Advantages: Simple in operation and focused on a simple goal. The most effective strategy to generate the highest possible number of conversions. Minuses: Possible increase in cost per conversion. Spend your entire daily budget. Not very effective if you want to meet your ROAS or CPA-based goals.

In this case the campaign is adjusted

in such a way as to reach more decisive people located in the lower zone of the shopping funnel – since the goal is to maximize the number of conversions within the budget, we strive to minimize the cost Bulk SMS Cambodia of conversion by contacting the customer whose purchase path will be shorter. When is it worth using? of clicks works best when list we want to achieve a certain level of traffic and when our budget is fixed and should not be exceeded 6. Selected location on the search page Higher ad positions usually have better CTRs and attract more attention.

In addition in some industries

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Where the customer makes very quick decisions, the first position of ads can be extremely important from a business point of view. If you’re aiming for high rankings, your search page location may BF Leads be the most suitable bid strategy. The system automatically adjusts the bids so that your ad appears in the predetermined position. Thanks to this, you reduce the loss of clicks due to the inappropriate position of your advertising message. Advantages: Increased impression share. Potentially higher CTR rates. Defects: Keeping your ad positions high at all times can help you spend your budget quickly throughout the day.

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