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When is it worth using? The strategy to reach a certain position on the search page is recommended for companies that care more about building brand awareness and reaching many audiences than about efficiency – market leaders managing unlimited media budgets. 7. Target share of won auctions If you’re looking to compete successfully with a specific competitor, this strategy may be right for you. It consists in automatically overbidding the rate of a specific domain. In the settings, you can decide how often you want to outbid your competitor, and the algorithm will automatically determine the stakes to achieve the intended goal.

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if you have one main competitor. Our financial outlays for advertising can be much higher. Not very effective and effective in the context of factors such as ROAS or the number of conversions. target share Bulk SMS Jordan of won auctions When is it worth china phone number list using? It is worth using especially if you have one key competitor and if you have good quality results or better than the competition. Due to the aggressiveness of the strategy, the lack of budget constraints is also a very important aspect.

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Which strategy works best, let’s move on to how to enable automated bidding. You can enable them both when creating a new campaign and editing an existing one. 1. When creating new campaigns 2. By BF Leads editing the settings of the active campaign One of the main problems when working on optimizing sites is how to evaluate the activities. Unlike campaigns in advertising systems, which usually allow very accurate measurement of the effects and comparing them to the costs incurred, measuring the effects when working on site optimization is not so easy.

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