This strategy works in a similar way to the previous one, but it is adapted to different types of products. Buying a car and a blouse online is a transaction, but these transactions vary in value. Based on the data and the limits we set, the algorithm adjusts the ads to bring the right return on investment. The algorithm is able to pay more and place the ad higher for a person interested in a more expensive product or spending more on average than a person interested in a cheap product or not interested in the product at all. When is it worth using? First of all, when running campaigns for online stores that want to maximize their return on investment and have different prices.

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remembering that the more products in the store, the more difficult it is for the algorithm to adjust the bids. 4. Maximizing the number of clicks As part of this strategy, the system automatically optimizes CPC bids in china phone number list order to get the maximum number of Bulk SMS Nepal clicks on the ad within the specified daily budget. This is the perfect solution . Due to the fact that we are still dealing with artificial intelligence, I also recommend setting a maximum CPC bid so that the algorithm knows within what limits it can function. This strategy does not take into account the set schedule at the level of days and hours.

Maximizing the Number of

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Clicks Advantages: Simple in operation BF Leads and focused on a simple goal. The most effective strategy for generating traffic from advertising. Minuses: Traffic quality may be lower. When is it worth using? The strategy that maximizes the number of clicks works best when we want to achieve a certain level of traffic and when our budget is fixed and should not be exceeded. 5. Maximizing the number of conversions A similar strategy to the previous one, except that the main goal is not to get clicks, but to get as many conversions as possible within the specified budget.

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