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This is, of course, theoretically, it all depends on our conversion rates. We must ensure that they are neither too liberal (too many undecided people) nor too conservative (the ad will not be displayed). When is it worth using? It is best to use this strategy when we know the maximum cost of obtaining a conversion. In this way, we can very easily control the effectiveness of the campaign and maximize sales while maintaining a certain level of costs. 3. Target ROAS Target ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) allows you to bid based on your target return on ad spend.

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Value determined by the formula: (Revenue Value / Cost) 100%. This strategy allows you to adjust your bids automatically to maximize conversions while maintaining a certain level of ad revenue. Bids are automatically optimized during the auction, which allows you to adjust Bulk SMS Cyprus them to each auction separately. of this campaign is to collect a minimum of 15 conversions in the last 30 days and to report conversions in the last 30 days n additional requirement is conversion tracking along with set conversion values, as the algorithm must be able to calculate advertising revenue.

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ignores bid adjustments, except for completely pausing mobile impressions (-100% bid adjustment)arget ROAS Advantages: Focus on advertising return on investment. It allows you to optimize activities BF Leads directly to increase the value of the store. The strategy does not focus on maximizing the ROAS level, but only on maintaining the set value. The algorithm will achieve the expected results. Sensitive to changes – periods of less user activity can disorganize the campaign. It can limit site traffic when we set the ROAS threshold too high.

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