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They all work the  Team ition Inmails  month with the Sales Navigator Enterprise If your InMail is respond to within days of you sending it, the Inmail crit will be many inmails with sales navigator You can also carry over InMails for up to three months. A Professional account holder can have up to crits to use, while a Enterprise user can have up to crits. If necessary, you can purchase InMail crits above your monthly usage limit. They cost $ each, which can soon make things expensive. We highly advise you not to do that.

How to Generate Lead

With your Sales Navigator InMail Crits? You seo expate bd could be tempt to use the inmail crits sales navigator gives you to build your lead generation strategy. The best idea is to focus on email and to keep inmails as a last resort. . Send Emails instead of Inmails You should not focus on Inmails to execute your linkin outreach strategy. Why? Because Inmails are flagg in the Linkin Messaging interface. Your prospect will immiately notice that he’s receiving a linkin outreach messages. Sending an email is equal to write “Hey! I’m here to sell you something” right next to your face.

Lnmail linkin messaging

You should keep Inmails as the last BF Leads resort if your prospect does not reply to your emails or your linkin messages. Make a first contact via email if no reply: send a connection request and a classic linkin message if the connection request is not accept: send an Inmail You only have between and Inmails crits per month with your Sales Navigator account. You can’t base your whole linkin prospecting strategy on Inmails Compar to Inmails, you can send up to: – emails a day with your mailbox message a day with your linkin account So instead of sending Inmails, you could export lead lists from Sales

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