Filters you can use

Filters you can use Additional search filters Linkin Recruiter offers more filters to find the perfect candidates. linkin recruiter spotlight filters The most useful being “Open to Work”. It allows you to find all the open to work profiles on Linkin. These people are looking for opportunities so you are sure to get good reply rates if you contact them. . Integration to popular ATS You are using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to manage your candidate pipeline? Linkin Recruiter can easily integrate with it, so the data is sync between the two software programs.

Linkin recruiter ats integrations

 Here is the list of the ATS’s Linkin Recruiter integrates seo expate bd with. Linkin Learnings: $ . month Linkin Learning gives you unlimit access to the , courses are available on the platform. Linkin Learning Costs Linkin Learning costs $ . per month. Or $ . per year if you pay annually. linkin learnings cost Linkin Learning Plan You can use it to learn new skills and be a thought leader in your industry. Don’t forget that Linkin Learnings is includ in Linkin Premium Business and Career. All the Linkin premium members have automatically access to it.

Linkin learnings cost

It’s also possible to buy individual courses if you BF Leads don’t want to subscribe. They are between $ and $ dollar each. linkin learning individual course price Linkin Premium Plans Comparison In this part we compare linkin premium plans: Linkin Premium VS Linkin Sales Navigator Linkin Premium Business VS Basic Linkin Premium Career VS Basic Linkin Sales Navigator Core VS Advanc Linkin Sales Navigator VS Recruiter Lite . Linkin Premium Business VS Sales Navigator Sales Navigator has much more value for money than Linkin Premium Business if your goal is to generate lead on linkin. It has way more search filters to find leads and offer more Inmails. If you are a sales rep, an SD or a founder, there is absolutely.

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