The time spent on

The time spent onĀ  Contribute to defining the public’s relationship identities; functional social networks that are us occasionally and that only satisfy a specific ne. Among citizens’ social networks, Facebook confirms itself, despite everything, once again this year as the largest representative for % of those interview. Other relevant platforms are YouTube and Instagram , which grows by % compar to the past year (from % to %). A very significant figure for social relationships is the growth of WhatsApp , which goes from % to % with daily use.

The main functional

Social networks are Trip Advisor and seo expate bd Facebook Messenger , both growing by + % compar to last year’s data. The reasons that push users to use the platforms are opposite as a group made up of % of those interview declare that they limit themselves to reading other people’s content, % declare that they mainly write their own original posts, without particular attention to the posts of others people. The remaining % read, write or comment. Instagram is the reference social network for following celebrities (growing compar to ). YouTube and Pinterest are instead us on a creative level to find new stimuli and ideas.

The growth in mentions of

Facebook Messenger (+ %) as a channel for communicating BF Leads with companies is interesting . Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is consider useful as a source of information and identification of brand news by % and % of interviewees respectively. The strongest criticism is reserv for advertising on YouTube which is consider annoying by % of those interview. Generation Z uses WhatsApp every day and % also do so with Instagram , with a percentage of even % more than the average. For % of them, advertising on Facebook and Instagram is useful for learning about the products of the brands they are fond of and % testifi that they purchas products after seeing an advert on their social profiles. Here you can download the complete Blogmeter research.

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