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Therefore whenever possible add How to name graphic files what is the alt attribute do weight and size really matter in what format should I add graphics to the website how to use the appropriate url for images content is important but on its own it won’t make a user’s time on the site enjoyable.  graphics to your article. The best solution is to prepare multimia files yourself your own product photos an image from a graphics program custom-made graphics.  out from competitors in the same industry. However if you lack the skills or budget to prepare such images yourself use free image banks on the internet.

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Examples of paid and free image sites include shutterstock pixabay freepik certainly the disadvantage of such a solution is the lack of uniqueness and originality . A large number of free photos can be reproduc and us by companies selling various France Email List products. How to name image files on the website before uploading a photo to the server give it an appropriate name. Avoid names like Jpg” as this name doesn’t mean much to google’s algorithms. Try to add keywords here that are consistent with what is in the graphic e.G. Buty-sportowe-biale.Jpg . Do not use polish characters and symbols in the graphic title and if you want to separate words use a dash.

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However remember to keep the file name short and specific as too long terms will not be beneficial for your website’s position in the search engine. to most France Phone Number List visitors but it will allow the search engine to learn more about what is on the page and what keywords are associat with it. The alt attribute what is it and how to use it you have probably seen an error on some website in the form of a missing image and some text in its place.

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