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Professional equipment 14 Events 15 Clothing 16 Watches and jewelery 17 Bookshop and press 18 Rentals (cars, equipment, etc.) 19 Accommodation and hotels 20 Leisure, outings and holidays 21 Medical equipment 22 Music and sounds 23 Cleaning and maintenance 24 Optics 25 Swimming pools and spas 26 Community platforms (connecting individuals) 27 Catering and food 28 Spirits, wines and champagnes 29 General goods and services websites 30 Sports and outdoor activities* 31 Telecommunications 32 Telephony 33 Flights and tickets 34 Construction and construction materials Share on: We mentioned it, for merchants, e-commerce r presents more opportunities than risks, including locally. Despite the distance that separates us from the national territory, the Reunionese have profoundly changed their ways of buying. In fact: 8 out of 10 people have already purchased online (Médiamétrie).

Among the many local sites we have

Compiled in this article as many Réunion e-commerce sites as we could find. If you can’t find Amazon, Le Bon Coin or SMS Gateway Serbia Wish in this article, that’s normal: we only wanted to highlight 100% pei e-commerce sites. There were 43,696 companies with headquarters in Reunion on April 16, 2018 according to the Ministry of Labor (they were 51,431 according to INSEE on 31/12/2015). And there are 13,314 traders (+ 17,735 in services and transport) for which we have identified some 200 e-commerce sites (below). We’ll let you do the math… Well, in fact, we’ve done it: 1.50% of merchants in Reunion have a merchant site, while 8 out of 10 people buy online… And you part of the 1.50% of these traders? is your website efficient?” We have designed a tool especially for you: test website grader The various e-commerce sites that we have identified here meet the following criteria:


The principle of e-commerce

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either an online store (also called e-commerce site or merchant site) allowing visitors to order and/or pay for products and/or services (Source: The delivery service does not systematically enter in the criteria, but is a plus if it is offered by the site.  workshops based in BF Leads Reunion. If your merchant site is not in the list, it is always time to let us know on the chat or here. B2C as in B2B.Their new site also integrates the online garden and terrace development products: lounges, tables, accessories… Artipro – by Mauvilac Artipro is Mauvilac’s online sales site: the site offers the brand’s products, paint, the varnishes, the necessary equipment, and the associated services.

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