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Digital presents products from the biggest brands in the household electrical market in stores and on its website: from large household appliances to home comforts. Burhani is a marketplace that offers online sales of various products, mostly kitchen and home accessories, but also DIY, garden, office equipment and automotive equipment. Carrodépot Carrodépot is a tiling specialist, to dress your floors and walls with beautiful tiling. You will also find modern and elegant basins for your bathroom. Ecopal Ecopal is a brand whose aim is to give a second life to wooden pallets and transform them into new products such as wooden planks, for all uses. is the Dindar group’s e-commerce site, and sells the latest IT, electronics and household appliances. Have your items purchased online delivered or picked up in store, the choice is yours. Enjoy! Enjoy! is a boutique that is both vintage and trendy.

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Decorate your home, from small furniture to cushions, including tableware and handmade macrame hangings. What is Account Based Marketing? One more Britishism! You read that right… Also, if we had to list companies in the language of Shakespeare, an eBook or even two SMS Gateway Switzerland would be necessary. We’re hearing this term more and more, and while it’s not new anymore or at least recent, sometimes sales and marketing teams in B2B still don’t know it (yes…in business to business ). In this article, we’ll introduce you to the definition of account-based marketing and its benefits. Definition of Account Based Marketing (ABM) account-based marketing We can translate ABM as “strategic account marketing”. As for the already mentioned


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sales and marketing teams, this method consists in grouping two “services” by targeting only key accounts. Once identified, in terms of inbound marketing approach, it’s about developing personalized campaigns while incorporating approaches for each key account. In BF Leads conclusion, it’s about applying “one-to-one” marketing in the B2B world. So adapt content for each role, for each key account, and for each stage of the sales cycle.  differentiated business approach by increasing your turnover by targeting only interested leads. So it’s not a matter of doing business with everyone, it’s a matter of doing business with potential clients for whom your offer can solve one or more problems. Those “fun” leads help grow your business and increase your revenue.

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