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Home The Sales & Marketing Blog The Directory Of E-Commerce Sites In Reunion Island The Directory Of E-commerce Sites In Reunion Island Digitalization Website By Floriane Mota 54 min. April 1, 2020 1 Furniture, household appliances and decoration 2 Animals and garden 3 Armory 4 Cars and motorcycles 5 Well-being 6 Office automation and IT 7 Electronic cigarettes and liquids 8 Air conditioning and ventilation systems 9 Parcels and gifts 10 Cosmetics, beauty and organic products 11 Energies 12 For children (and mothers-to-be) 13

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Cultural, sports, exhibitions…) are both goldmines for building databases. For your company’s upcoming events, brief the team that will be on site so they at least collect the name/name of everyone they will be talking to / email (and their consent to receive your business SMS Gateway Hungary communications (on a tablet), or have them fill out and sign a paper form. You can provide them site, or even better, make it a case study (premium content) downloadable directly from your site. Result: you will convert them into qualified prospects, and will thus be able to continue to communicate with them throughout their buying journey and well after. If this technique interests you, we let you read the article on lead nurturing. There is no harm in highlighting your brand or your products.

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Innovation to follow and replicate. URL Unless the volume justifies it, do not analyze individual URLs; instead analyze URL structures. In summary: What are the pages that make you lose traffic or drain you the most? Where are you converting your visitors? Where do you BF Leads lose them? Whatever your analytics reports tell you, make changes one by one, do A/B testing, and modify the elements that will have the most impact on your conversion rates. Cut out distractions There’s nothing worse than visiting a website that pulls you in multiple directions. Your homepage should be clear, concise and easy to navigate.

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