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It is great when the main goal of the campaign is to increase conversions on the site and when we can afford to slightly increase expenses. 2. Target CPA CPA (cost per acquisition) strategy helps you get as many conversions as possible at a target cost per conversion that you set. We are not dealing here with self-setting click rates. The algorithm itself regulates the CPC rates and the position of your ad, taking into account the set cost of conversion and the likelihood of conversion by a given user. As in the previous strategy, AdWords tries to maintain a certain cost per conversion on average, but slight increases on individual days are possible.

In order for this bid strategy

to work effectively, Google has set several conditions that a given campaign should meet. The most important one is having 15 conversions in the last 30 days SMS Gateway Brunei and a similar number of china phone number list conversions every day. target cpa Advantages: A more automated process requiring less user intervention. customer at a relatively constant cost. Disadvantages : Static strategy – favors phrases that have historically proven successful in customer acquisition, making it hard to implement new keywords.

High chance of significantly reducing

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when the maximum cost of conversion is too low, the campaign can be drastically limited and may only be displayed to a few users. Very sensitive to changes – periods of BF Leads less user activity, e. holidays or long weekends, can disorganize the campaign. Again, translating this into simpler language, we set a limit on what we are willing to pay for a conversion. The algorithm predicts how many (and what kind) people must visit our site in order to complete the desired action, e. a purchase.

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