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But engaged fans to interact with is better! The engagement rate makes it possible to calculate the engagement on their social networks, and in particular, on their Facebook page. What is Facebook Engagement Rate? The engagement rate makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of a Facebook page and more particularly of the posts shared and published, taking into account the interactions of Internet users on the page and/or on the various publications. Facebook defines engagement rate as: “The percentage of people who liked, commented on, shared, or clicked on your post after viewing it.” In other words, it is the interest and participation of Internet users for and on a.

Having fans on Facebook is good

publication. A good engagement rate is synonymous with an active community, driven by a real desire to interact with your brand or your company, but also with the sharing of quality content by your community manager. How to calculate and interpret it? Before getting to the heart of the matter, you should know that the engagement rate can be calculated Bulk SMS South Africa in different ways depending on what you want to determine: it can range from the overall engagement of your community on your page to the success of a specific publication.  engagement rate on Facebook: Use the tool provided by Facebook itself, Facebook Insights; Calculate it yourself. 1. The Facebook Insights tool Facebook Insight is the statistics platform set up by the social media giant. For this: 1.

On your Facebook business page

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Click at the top on Statistics. 2. Then go to Publications to access all of your publications. From there, you will have access to the figures/statistics.of your posts. 3. Going down the page a little, you will find All your publications. 4. BF Leads Click the drop-down menu to the right of Likes, comments, and shares. 5. Select Engagement Rate.

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