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The AdWords panel currently offers 6 strategies that allow you to automate the amount of CPC bids. Below I will introduce you to each of them, discussing its advantages and disadvantages. 1. Improved CPC The CPC strategy focuses on increasing conversions while setting your own bids. With this strategy, the algorithm automatically adjusts your manual bids for clicks that are more or less likely to lead to sales or conversions on your site. The Enhanced CPC Strategy analyzes which auctions are more likely to convert for you, then raises your maximum CPC bid (up to 30%) to compete more effectively for clicks.

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discovers that a user’s click is unlikely to convert, AdWords can reduce your bid by up to 100%. This strategy tries to keep the average CPC within the set maximum SMS Gateway Taiwan value, exceeding it in certain individual china phone number list situations. Advantages: The algorithm supports the most effective phrases, raising the position of ads and contributing to increased CTR, which allows for better quality results. Theoretically, this strategy should have a positive impact on the number of conversions you get.

You’re at the mercy of an algorithm

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That doesn’t have to be more efficient. In simple terms, the algorithm knows to what extent a given user may be interested in purchasing a given product. , the algorithm increases the click rates, because attracting such a customer BF Leads is worth the higher price. On the other hand, when the algorithm predicts that a given user is not interested. When is it worth using? Google recommends enabling Enhanced Bidding even in the early stages of your campaign.

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