In the line itself you will find additional parameters

In the line itself you will find additional parameters For this purpose it is worth creating a new user in the system with such privileges and giving him a strong password – check what the process of adding and granting root privileges on a VPS looks like . Log in as a new user using the SSH console and execute the following commands apt update apt upgrade apt install git build-essential apt install openjdk- -jre-headless After completing this task check if Java is install on your VPS server apt update java -version Minecraft server download and installation You already have the basic tools to install the server.

Go to the home directory

Go en-us download server and download the server installation files. Create an additional file with the .sh extension we recommend Notepad++ for this purpose and place the following code in it java -Xmx M -Xms M -jar Netherlands Cell Phone Number List servername.jar nogui In place of server_name.jar enter the name of the download file minecraft_server.jar.  XMX and XMS XMX stands for the maximum amount of RAM the server can use XMS is a parameter that defines the initial pool of reserv RAM.  at any time but remember that they must be adapt to the select.

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The above parameters can be chang

VPS server configuration! Upload all files to the server via FTP . and create a folder for your Minecraft server – the name can be anything but it’s worth remembering. After creating the folder upload the installation file with the .jar extension South Africa Telegram Number and the file with the .sh extension you just creat. Launch an SSH console and navigate to the file directory using the cd command. We return to the SSH console and go to the server directory. We do this with the cd command cd cd home cd server_directory_name In the directory change the permissions of the .sh file using.

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