How mobile phones revived e-commerce

Maintaining a good customer relationship means communicating at the right time, the right information, to the right person. Having a CRM allows you to have this type of information in real time, for example: Their interests Their customer life cycle (did they just go to your site or did they already speak to a salesperson consumers have changed the way they buy. They decide on their online purchase, inquire before buying (85% of consumers according to WIZ and 96% of CSP+) and share their opinion.

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Had contacts within your company?  The CRM combined with an emailing software (like Hubspot) allows you to have a cohersts. For example to determine: who has not received emails from you for Bulk SMS Israel more than X weeks but who has visited your website recently. Marketing emails created by the marketing department on an ad hoc basis Automatic customer follow-up emails according to pre-established scenariosmmio-logo-white

How Mobiles Relaunched E-Commerce

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In 2018? [Infographic] in 2018? [Infographic] Digitization By Julien Marie-Louise 6 min. April 15, 2020 1 A meteoric rise: Why? BF Leads 2 Consequence: a revolution in the customer experience 3 Some phone, including 53% of smartphones. With the advent of social networks, an increasingly connected and digitized society, the mobile has almost become an extension of ourselves. your daily life: on the radio between two songs on Nostalgie, on TV during your Koh Lanta or on displays at the corner of your street. Yes, but now.

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