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The increase in the use of mo such that it has completely relaunched e-commerce: 55% of dailtprogression A)  use The rise of mobile devices in e-commerce can be explained by several factors. The first of these is the accessibility of telephones to as many people as possible. First, by the price. Indeed, the prices of telephones continued to fall between 2010 and 2015 (the price fell on average by 58% according to Goldman Sachs).

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Smartphones tend to increase the size of their screen so that they become an excellent compromise compared Bulk SMS Brazil to tablets that are often less practical and more cumbersome for an ultimately limited gain. B) A trivialization of purchases We keep repeating it on this blog: the consumer has changed!  Thus the number of annual purchases per person has doubled in 5 years to reach an average of 33 orders per consumer.

The consumer will therefore tend

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To buy mechanically on his phone: his habits have changed and therefore his purchasing methods too. We therefore observe a proliferation of “small purchases” via mobile. Although the average basket BF Leads per transaction is tending to decrease (€65.7 in 2017this is han increase in the frequency of purchases: +19%. e-commerce-mobile-2018-achat Services are also improving and promoting transactions. Thus the drop in shipping costs, the multiplication of advantages and subscription offers which allow free deliveries, or the multiple promotions (birthday, black friday, winter sales, summer sales, etc.

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