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Are all motivations for purchases that encourage consumers to equip themselves in very good conditions. Thus, sales on smartphones, also called m-commerce, can reach up to 50% on specialized sites such as event sales. At the end of 2017, e-commerce accounted for 8.7% of sales for all retail trade in France, an increase of more than 1% compared to 2016. And it will continue… C) Awareness We also observe an awareness on the part of the various market players. So many of them are investing in mobile (currently 24% of e-merchants have a mobile application) so much so that the development of smartphone purchases has become the main growth driver for the e-commerce sector: creation of dedicated applications, the implementation of sites specially designed for

Mobile interfaces are some

Examples that make it possible to streamline the customer experience (see below) and facilitate the purchasing process. The latter have also learned to establish a climate of trust within their website: reassuring the consumer on the conditions of exchanges and reimbursement (we are Bulk SMS Austria talking about reinsurance, in particular on the payment stages), the setting up of chat online, the multiplicity of possible payment methods (for example a solution from a trusted third party such as Paypal), general conditions of sale and clear and precise legal notices, a “Who are we?” page to emphasize the human side. Just as many reasons that allow you to establish a climate of trust conducive to safe purchases.

Consequence: a revolution in

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The customer experience e-commerce-2018-experience-client Mobile, much more than a tool, is revolutionizing the customer experience. relations are rapidly evolving from traditional internet (from a desk) to mobile internet.mmio-logo-white me The Sales & Marketing Blog Inbound BF Leads Marketing Explained To My Mother Inbound Marketing Explained To My Mother Inbound Marketing By Thierry Calderon 10 min. April 8, 2020 1 Attract 2 Convert 3 Close 4 Delight Share on: Inbound Marketing, you’re starting to hear about it. I grant you, it’s a term that stings the eyes a little at first. Behind this barbaric expression, in fact, hides a methodology that will revolutionize your relationship with your prospects and customers. Just that ! I will tell you about Inbound.

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