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For example the server on So according to some surveys the so call.average. User spends waiting for one page of the site to load a maximum of seconds. And already at the th second he prefers to close the.frozen. Page. Not to mention the fact that the likelihood of this person visiting. Your site again is almost zero; the corresponding search engine.robots. In addition record the user’s refusal. And they take into account the general statistics of such failures when further ranking the site. After all the declar. main goal of any search engine is to provide the user with a list of sites that is most relevant to the enter. search query.

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And if too many users leave your site it means according to the logic of the search engine you are not satisfying this user request well enough. And then what is the point of keeping you in profitable top positions in other words if you have a website Austria Cell Phone Number List that loads and works slowly you are losing potential customers.  of a website page depends on many parameters. And the spe. of the internet connection does not always.e first here.  which your site is locat. may simply be unavailable at a given time turn. off broken etc. Or overload. with requests.

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Remember the familiar message in your browser.server is temporarily unavailable. Last but not least the weight of the transmitt. content also affects the spe.  With graphics meaning voluminous too high resolution for example pictures flash Austria WhatsApp Number animation video etc. The longer it the site will.load. Of course there are a sufficient number of methods to improve the situation. For example transferring a website to a more expensive hosting from the english hosting or a tariff plan that provides a more productive and powerful server to host your website.

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