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If you look at the properties of the. Optimization of the site and or its individual.ponents. What we call. above technical optimization and which requires exclusively highly qualifi. professionals. Optimizing the weight of your website content. The latter will be very easy to explain. Optimizing website graphic content let’s say you want to upload a certain photo to your website.  file with this photo you will see information not only about the name and type sometimes they talk about the format or simply about the file extension latin letters after the dot at the end of the file name but also about.

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The size of this file see figure image optimization it is logical that the less your file weighs that is the smaller its size the sooner it can be transferr. over the network. Naturally you would not want to lose image quality in this case.  many ways to solve Canada Cell Phone Number List this problem. And additional optimization of the storage of such files and in general graphic content at the level of the program code of the site itself is a task for programmers. However here is one of the simplest ways to optimize your photo for a website use the services of the well known graphic.

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If we talk about search engine

Itor photoshop.mand file>save for web or in the russian version file>save for web checking the uniqueness of text try.playing. With the parameters of such a save in the optimization menu and use the properties of the sav. file to track the result.  optimization Canada Whatsapp Number of graphic content then this be.es especially important when promoting sites where such content is the main one directory sites business card sites of professional photographers or dEDesigners for example. First of all here it is worth mentioning the requirement of uniqueness for.

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