A common mistake is investing in fashionable

A common mistake is investing in fashionable This approach allows me to find the answer to what I should really protect and what funds to invest. Why is it so important It may turn out that the purchase of a specific security solution is actually unnecessary because in the event of an attack any damage to the protect asset will be negligible and the purchase cost exces the amount of possible penalties. Then there are not enough benefits from implementing protection.  solutions without first recognizing whether we ne them.

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As for companies they can often use security frameworks or standards develop for specific sectors and industries. Such guidelines are us for example in the areas of banking and telecommunications and recently also in the automotive industry. We must Denmark Cell Phone Number List also remember that the regulation on the protection of personal data the so-call GDPR imposes an obligation to protect data on entities that process it. There are high penalties for non-compliance. Of course the above-mention regulations and recommendations with the exception of GDPR in % of cases do not apply to small companies often employing only a few people but even here it is possible to indicate good practices that should be implement.

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It all depends on the type of activity

Broadly speaking these will include conscious risk management access and authorization management response to security incidents keeping software up to date change management and having business continuity plans. important pillar Japan Telegram Number building a safety culture and safety ucation. How to protect a small company  the type of information process and the risk analysis perform. We will offer different security measures to the owner of a beauty salon who uses only the reservation system and other protection to a small manufacturer of electronic components necessary for the car production process.

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