Each party to the conflict secures its

Each party to the conflict secures its According to cybersecurity and military experts this largest cyberattack has not yet occurr. War in cyberspace is a controversial concept because although there is a fight we are dealing with great anonymity.  presence and visibility. Eryk Trybulski Do activities abroad affect the Polish Internet and the rest of the world As history has already shown with the example of the NotPetya ransomware although the attack was aim at Ukraine it ultimately paralyz companies and government agencies around the world. Ukrainian ministries banks metro systems and state-own enterprises suffer.

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On the other hand NotPetya also paralyz the  Maersk. In Poland the attack affect entities from the services trade and logistics sectors. We must remember that there are no borders in cyberspace and any actions may get out of control and as a result Canada Cell Phone Number List our infrastructure may also be compromis i.e. its security may be breach. For this reason among others and out of concern for Polish critical infrastructure the Charlie CRP state of alarm announc by the Polish Prime Minister is in force. How SME companies should secure their data If we must be vigilant how should companies especially small micro and mium-siz ones secure their infrastructure and data in.

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We must also remember about

Is there a set of basic rights When it comes to business security we must ask ourselves – what services or information are crucial to me and how do Egypt Telegram Number I want to protect them the legal regulations applicable to our activities starting with the protection of personal data i.e. the so-call GDPR. I always start by identifying key resources. What I mean here is both information in any form and the systems that process it. I then perform a risk assessment for these assets.

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