Where is all the confusion coming

Where is all the confusion coming Is this the end of free social mia Everything points to this. On October Elon Musk announc on his X platform formerly. Twitter that he was introducing – for now as a test – a new form of payment for using the application. The service currently operates in New Zealand and the Philippines.from Table of Contents Hide . Will Twitter be paid What is the new fee on site X . Why is X Twitter introducing mandatory payment . Will social mia remain free Will Twitter be paid What is the new fee on site X Until recently using Twitter was completely free for every user.

However Twitter Blue was an

Only in March the new owner of the platform introduc the first paid service in the form of Twitter Blue which guarante among other things the presence of a blue mark next to the account name as well as the option to it tweets and publish longer Bolivia Email List content.  optional service address to people who us this mium to build their image or communicate with the community.  and is so acceptable that over users us it data for April . However the situation will change after new information provid by the main support profile X further provid by Musk himself.

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The cost of $ per month was

It says that from now on new accounts creat on the website will require an annual fee of $ . A tweet from the X support account announcing payments Bolivia Phone Number to new users of the X platform formerly Twitter . Tweet from the official X support account It is worth knowing that this amount only applies to accounts that would like to be active in the X application – write content add videos repost and quote tweets etc. However if you want to use Twitter X for free there is still such an option.

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