Why is X Twitter introducing

Why is X Twitter introducing However it involves the launch of the so-call read-only mode i.e. passive operation which in itself is of course a denial of the idea of social mia. Important – this change applies to new accounts. It is not yet known how this will affect existing long-term users of the application.  mandatory payment One of the website’s biggest nightmares was the activity of bots that spam the content fe and manipulat the list of trends in the application. From the very beginning after taking over the company Elon Musk consider it enemy number and took actions to limit this practice.

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However his ideas were not entirely effective which result in among others temporary paralysis of the platform at the beginning of July which was the result of limiting the number of content visible to users to per day. The new subscription idea Croatia Email List call Not-a-bot is another step to cleanse the platform of harmful content. the first obstacle to discourage potential spammers. The second step is to additionally verify the phone number. $ per year PLN . – as of October is not a fortune so it’s hard to talk about ripping off money from users.  are willing to pay more for other entertainment services that they do not necessarily use. And that’s monthly.

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Current practice says that this subscription will definitely stay with us i.e. the Twitter Blue service has been adopt. At the moment however it only Croatia Phone Number works in New Zealand and the Philippines. Will social mia remain free Musk’s decision is certainly historic in its own way and will leave its mark on other websites. At the beginning users criticiz the idea of such monetization of content on the platform but Mark Zuckerberg also follow Musk’s actions and launch the Meta Verifi service in Meta.

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