Tourism marketing a tourist destination

Tourism marketing a tourist destination. He fact of making an effort to understand the market in which our customers are new is for me a fundamental element and starting point in order to then be able to provide a.petitive advantage to those who choose us. An initial effort that not all our.petitors make simply stopping to ask the customer what type of site he wants and how he wants it to be creat Getting in tune with the market the products and the customers of those who choose us allows us.

Finally in our value proposition

To put ourselves in their shoes create a relationship bas. on sharing problems and the search for.mon solutions helping us to select in a proactive manner the digital tool more suitable for the objectives set for us. Furthermore the fact of saying that Philippines Phone Number List it is an agency first identifies that we are a group of people not a freelancer and therefore we have a greater number of skills in different sectors.  we explain the result obtain. that is a website perfect for the ne.s of the customer who is motivat. by the initial analysis that we are able to offer.

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Considering then that a location

Tourism marketing and m.tourism services july.ments speaking of tourism and promotion of the territory the spontaneous question is how much it can be consider. as a product from the tourist’s point of view. It is generally stat. that a territory Armenia WhatsApp Number or a locality a product when tourists arrive there independently or in an organiz. way.  Is not sold but chosen. It logical to define a territory as a marketing object. is generally identifi. as. A geographical area capable of offering a tourist product i.e. A set of support services that revolve around activities or experiences.

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