Those product characteristics and functions

Those product characteristics and functions. That are not usual for a tourist. Framke i.e. A set of.modities necessary for the.fort of the tourist during his stay transport ac.modation catering and everything that is.monly call. a tourist attraction. The tourist destination is therefore the set of values of the territory landscape heritage and of products and services offer. by various public and private operators a system in which numerous factors interact and which only in its entirety is capable of provide a response to the primary ne.s of the tourist. If this system has the primary attributes i.e. That are essential for satisfying the user’s expectations the advent of mobile technologies is offering the possibility of providing secondary attributes i.e.

These secondary attributes

Those elements which constitute a concrete opportunity in terms of offering differentiation. Tourism marketing in the context of product marketing we generally refer to the classification criteria of kotler and armstrong which distinguish within Poland Phone Number List a product the core the actual product and the augment. product. Secondary attributes such as mobile services contribute to the enrich. product. add new value to the tourist offer and the additional service offer. can change tourists’ behaviors and attitudes towards a destination in a real and significant way. Perceiv. value in territorial marketing this provision essentially depends on the global value perceiv. by the tourist i.e.

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These values are independent of each

On the set of perceiv. values and sacrifices that he will have to make for its use. At the moment of purchase the consumer is influenc. by five Bahrain WhatsApp Number values which take on different levels of importance depending on the person.  other but each of them contributes to the formation of the purchasing choice. According to sheth newman and gross the sources of value of a product are functional value represents the perceiv. usefulness of an asset in relation to its ability to perform its functional utilitarian or physical role.

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