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To verify its correctness check how to verify The list of program functions view of the tools option in adobe acrobat reader dc. Click on certificates to open the qualifi signature panel. In the certificates field space click digitally sign; then designate the space where the certificate will be plac; select a space on the document to create a graphical visualization of the electronic signature select where the visualization of your electronic signature should be plac on the pdf document.  sign the electronic document ; selecting a qualifi signature after the list of active certificates appears select the one you want to sign the electronic document with. Check the configuration of the signature being submitt if everything is correct click sign.

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Visualization of a simplysign qualifi signature with the company logo on a pdf document a visualization of your electronic signature will be display. If you haven’t configur your facsimile yet check how to add a graphic initial or company logo to the visualization Electrical Contractors Email List of your e-signature . Select where the document with your qualifi signature will be sav and then click save . Enter the pin code assign to your qualifi certificate and then click ok; the document has been provid with your qualifi certificate.  the correctness of an electronic signature.

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How to place a qualifi signature in the procertum smartsign program you can also place a qualifi signature on your computer via the procertum smartsign program. Its advantage is that in addition to pdf documents you can also sign other file Malta WhatsApp Number formats such as microsoft word or audio video files but in this case you will have to use the external xades signature format.  the procertum smartsign application open the procertum smartsign application; drag the file you want to sign into the gray area of the application or use add file to add one specific.

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