Additionally if you submit documents

Additionally if you submit documents This way after signing you will receive one integral document with complete data. If you use the xades signature format you will create separate files – the source document and the signing file in .Xml format. This increases the risk of losing one of them or accidentally iting the source file.  in an electronic tender and forget for example to attach the assign .Xml files to the sign source documents this is tantamount to submitting unsign documents and not participating in the tender. The integral pades signature format is therefore more secure.

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How to sign an electronic document with a qualifi signature on a computer the process of signing the document itself is not difficult. Taking the example of a simplysign qualifi signature it consists of several steps make sure you have all the items DJ Email List list above ready; open the simplysign desktop application on your computer; simplysign desktop is an application us to sign documents with a qualifi signature on a computer enter your email address where you register your electronic signature .  of a -digit otp code. You can find it on your smartphone in the simplysign mobile application.

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Pdf from the drop-down list

Then click ok ; logging in to the simplysign desktop application with the otp code now depending on whether you have adobe acrobat reader dc or procertum smartsign install select one of the signature methods . How to create a qualifi signature Latvia WhatsApp Number in adobe acrobat reader dc when you are finish working with the microsoft word text itor click file – save as and select the pdf file .. To place your qualifi signature on a pdf document using adobe acrobat reader dc open a pdf document with adobe acrobat reader dc; click tools then certificates ; view of the adobe reader interface showing.

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