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Therefore it is extremely important By safely storing your data beyond the reach of hackers and viruses. Combining backup with a good antivirus program will provide us with the highest level of security. Adam KaczmFree webinar Cybersecurity at work and in private life – register today! September | ENTRY UPDAT September On September at . together with our partner the European Internet Domain Registry EURid we will conduct another webinar from the Academy series. Together we will discuss the topic of cybersecurity and answer the most important question – what to do to protect yourself against online attacks. Table of Contents Hide.

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Registration for the webinar . About the webinar . Webinar Cybersecurity at work and in private life – about the presenter Registration for the webinar Registration is available at . webinary cyberbezpieczenstwo-w-pracy-oraz-w-zyciu-prywatnym Presenter Aneta Szczepankiewicz Liaison Manager at the European Registry Romania Email List of Internet Domains EURid When Wnesday September time Webinar Cybersecurity in the company and private life About the webinar We use the Internet basically every day both for private and business purposes. Most often we start our day by checking the news at work we communicate via e-mail carry out transactions and browse the Internet out of proverbial borom.

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The victims of cybercriminals

Cybercriminals are waiting for all the activities we perform via the Internet. Hackers have long been attacking not only companies and state Romania Phone Number institutions but also users of e-mail or social networking sites.  are both large corporations and small companies people running their own businesses and even housewives.  are trivial and naive. that we know when and how we can fall victim to cybercrime and what actions to take to protect ourselves from it. During a -minute webinar a specialist from the European Internet Domain Registry EURid will present the principles of cyber health and safety and answer.

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