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Regardless of the service we use it

Regardless of the service we use it In addition to the iCloud service which stores data from devices assign to Apple ID there are also other applications that fulfill the same idea and expand the backup operation. An example of an external backup service is Acronis Mobile Backup software . Using Acronis you can back up an unlimit number of devices regardless of their operating system. This application integrates with the iOS API and backs up all the data that iCloud saves. When creating an account the user receives access to the data management console which can be logg in from a browser. As with iCloud there are different sizes of data space which allows you to tailor the service to the nes of users.

Data backup on iPhone using

As part of the Acronis service the user also has the option of encrypting data stor in the cloud providing an additional layer of security. How to perform a backup in Acronis Getting start with Acronis Mobile Backup is very simple and requires only Qatar Email List a few steps Connect to a Wi-Fi network Download the app from the store. Log in to the application Select which data should be includ in the backup Wait until the backup is complet.  process is complet a message indicating that the backup was successful is display.

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Acronis Mobile Backup After the backup

The Access and Recovery tab contains all backups sort by the backup time and the devices from which the data was sav. Status and information Qatar Phone Number about backups can also be obtain in the main panel available in the browser.  is worth performing data backups. More and more often there are reports of malware or cyberattacks on companies that result in lack of access encryption or complete loss of data. Backing up your most important data protects you from the unpleasant effects of device infections.

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