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That influence the search engine

That influence the search engine. Of your business. However he is able to realistically assess the capabilities of a particular search query. Both from the point of view of the prospects of its promotion for a particular search engine i.e. How quickly you can promote your site to the top for a given request and how much it will cost you and from the point of view of how effectively this request will lead to your website brings you the potential clients you need.  promotion of a query such as geo dependence of a search query implies the extent to which a given search phrase and therefore your product or service is in demand by internet users in your region.

Experts talk here about parameters

Query statistics is a number indicating how many times over a certain period of time a particular search engine recorded user searches for these search phrases.petition on demand in your region. Well with geo dependence we think everything is more or less Japan Cell Phone Number List clear. It’s hardly worth starting search engine promotion for the phrase .earflap hat. In africa. And not just because it’s hot there. But also because this is originally a russian language request. And in africa most internet users will probably use english or french for example. And in english speaking countries a similar cut of fur hats is no longer known.

Phone Number List

Here there is a purely economic

As earflaps But as a .russian hat. With .petition too we think.  correlation between supply and demand. And the higher the .petition in your market Japan Whatsapp Number segment the more time efforts of specialists and your funds will be required to advance to the top. But i would like to talk in more detail about the statistics of search phrases and its impact on the effectiveness of search engine optimization for a specific website.

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