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Showed people for general statistics. Search keyword statistics and its relevance for promotion. Statistics of user searches on the internet for a particular query directly affects. The possible number of visitors to your site if it reaches the top for this key phrase. And most importantly how targeted these visitors will be for you. Here is a small example from our practice. On search engine promotion of his site including for such a request as .shopping cart. And although after about a month and a half we brought the site to th place in the yandex search. Results for this request the client did not receive any effect in the form of orders and sales of such carts. And everything is explained extremely simply.

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It seems that only the employees of the client .pany themselves call this product exactly that .shopping cart. According to statistics for the month at the end of last year this product was searched for by person general yandex Malaysia Cell Phone Number List statistics and people search statistics by exact phrase match . But a similar albeit less euphonious search phrase .shopping carts.  and people for exact statistics. But these figures indicate the approximate level of if not guaranteed then at least possible visitors to the site if it is optimized for a search query of this type.

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By the way it is the so called .accurate. Statistics in yandex that speak most about the number of likely visitors to the site. But analysis of data Malaysia Whatsapp Number about what exactly was searched for along with this query or including general statistics can give a hint as to how targeted search engine optimization for this particular key will be for you. Look at picture no.  for example are a construction .pany offering its services for the construction of private houses then the request.

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