Should I be worried if we don’t have

What is Mobile-First Index In short, the point is that when determining the position of the site, not only the desktop version, but also the mobile version will be taken into account. The aforementioned algorithm update will lower the ranking of sites not adapted to mobile devices. 2. Will it be necessary to modify the canonical tags? We use canonical tags when duplicate content appears on a given site. Thanks to tags, we can indicate the preferred version of the page to the search engine. Due to The information about the new indexing, Google denies that a change is required.

Is less content in the mobile

Version than in the desktop version a big problem? It is good that the mobile page contains the same or similar amount of text as the desktop one. If the user hits the mobile version and does not get enough information, he may not Bulk SMS Lebanon come back to us. of the user better and better every day, and following their lead, they can lower the ranking of our site. 4. Should I be worried if we don’t have a mobile version of the site? Of course, the mobile version of the site is a big plus these days, but regarding questions about the Mobile-First Index, Google says: Don’t worry.

In the absence of a mobile page

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Google will index the desktop version for its display on mobile devices. Attention! To evaluate BF Leads mobile sites, we recommend an easy-to-use tool, which is the mobile optimization test from Google. And if you want to increase the loading speed of your site, check here how you can do it. 5. Doesn’t Google want to promote sites that are frustrating for users using mobile devices? If a searcher uses a mobile device to browse a site where the The buttons are too small or overlapping, they will surely leave the site quickly.

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