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Help in creative work – Jacek Kłosiński Jacek Kłosinski Jacek Kłosiński, who has been giving tips on creative work for a long time, made sure to stay in touch with his readers also thanks to the Facebook group. Join and you will learn how to create and invent more effectively – you will learn new tools, methods of others and you will receive an injection of inspiration that will motivate you to creative action! 6. AIE+ Advertising is exciting A group of the community gathered around the Advertising is exciting fanpage, which some of you are probably well-known.

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Share campaigns that delighted them and those they would rather not see … So a daily dose of inspiration and anti-inspiration for every marketer! 7. Social Media Research You have no idea how to run a social media profile? It’s a SMS Gateway Chile good thing – the members of this group exchange inspirations every day. Or are you looking for influencers? Great – crowds of people interested in potential cooperation gather here. 8. Ecommerce PL ecommerce PL A group of people associated with the e-commerce industry in our country. Entrepreneurs and marketers who exchange views on e-commerce meet here. – you’ll find it all in this group.

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advice, news google ads adwords The group is intended mainly for PPC specialists, but also adepts of online advertising. Here you will find tips and tricks for using the Google Ads system, news related to its development, as well as a handful BF Leads of inspiration. The Calendar of Unusual Holidays is probably one of the most popular working tools of a modern marketer. From year to year, content marketing sites contain hundreds of lists and tips presenting more and more bizarre occasions that (perhaps) are worth celebrating. Some are happy to celebrate the Pizza Day or (sic!) International Day of Dishwashing Liquid, others laugh it out loud.

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