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It can be for example a paragraph a heading You get access to one environment where you it the appearance of the page as well as its content including entries by adding and iting individual blocks . Gutenberg has several dozen types of blocks to start with and each of them fulfills a specific function.  a table an image custom HTML code or a YouTube video. Imagine that creating a website or an article is like arranging the blocks in Tetris so that they fit together perfectly. Gutenberg is not only the blocks themselves but also the socall Patterns which allow you to quickly add readymade elements.

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This way your website will be enrich with for example a photo gallery just replace the multimia files a banner or a footer. Patterns in the Gutenberg itor to add to the page Menu with readymade templates to add to the page in the itor. What are the Uruguay Email List advantages of the Gutenberg itor in WordPress CMS Even though quite a lot of drag & drop itors have already been creat for WordPress which do not require technical knowlge from users it is worth giving Gutenberg a chance and trying to build a website yourself with its help. be crucial for many creators when choosing a tool.

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The most important benefits of choosing Gutenberg are Spe of operation this itor is not as extensive as a competitive solution so it will not hang suddenly when building a website or writing an article. This is the default tool add by the . It’s free most Uruguay Phone Number plugins that add separate page itors are paid. Gutenberg is free because it’s the default itor for WordPress developers. And just like WordPress itself it is bas on an open source license. Flexibility – Gutenberg is – after many updates – a solution that fully deserves to be call a Full Site it or.

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