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Working with content in That is one that can be us to change any element of your website from a single word in the text to the footer. Light website code websites built using it run faster unless you spoil it for example with too many photos weighing many MB which in turn has a positive effect on the position in the search engine. Google prefers sites that offer comfortable and fast content browsing. It is develop by the community itself Gutenberg has many addons that enrich it with new functions that make it even easier to create your first website. You can learn about examples of plugins that are worth installing below.

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Want to start building your website quickly Get to know WordPress hosting at where you will find an autoinstaller with readymade plugins.WordPress or how to add blocks At first glance the Gutenberg itor looks very sparse but its strength Ukraine Email List lies in minimalism. After logging in to WordPress it is worth launching this itorby adding a new entry or page and then familiarize yourself with its interface. This is what the it or looks like without add content WordPress when adding a new page and content in the form of blocks and modules Gutenberg itor window in WordPress when adding a new subpage.

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The most important features in this tool that you ne to pay attention to are Selecting blocks Undoing changes Content structure Saving the sketch Ukraine Phone Number Content preview Change settings for a select block or the entire page Show your offer on the Internet as soon as possible! See our stepbystep guide on how to build a simple website in less than an hour . function of Gutenberg in WordPress is the one relat to adding blocks.

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