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In the case of graphics it is worth Google algorithms find slower sites and take them into account in search results. Using the webp format will definitely help you achieve better scores in the above-mention tool. What url address should a graphic on a website have the url should be accessible to google robots and users themselves. This applies not only to graphics but also to the subpages themselves. The url looks nicer in the address bar itself but also in posts on social mia.  taking care of the address that leads to it. This is another opportunity to use keywords that will categorize your website and present it as valuable.

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Remember! When creating a friendly url avoid polish characters and use a dash to separate words. An example of a friendly url for optimizing photos for seo. Sending graphics to the server and using them on the website is not everything. of gaining valuable Ghana Email List traffic or appear high in google images results optimize your website . Apply the above techniques to any mia file especially one that serves an important function in your article. By adding good quality images you will better present your company and offer. Your website will be more attractive. Remember to complete the alt attributes naming and specifying the size of the photos.

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This way your website will be friendly to humans and understandable to google robots.Is outsourcing profitable how to effectively market your Germany Phone Number List company september | entry updat february online marketing outsourcing is a great support for companies from every industry.  focus only on the tasks assign to them and in which they specialize. Outsourcing also allows you to save funds that can be us in other ways than hiring a whole group of specialists.

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