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When adding several dozen photos This is alternative text The “Alt” tag which is us to describe the content of graphics for indexing robots. This is one of the most important things to do in terms of search engine positioning. You can add text to virtually any image on the page. Try to ensure that the description does not exce characters is naturally written and contains at least one keyword. You can learn more about this in our guide on optimizing alt descriptions for photos . Optimizing graphics for seo. Describing the alt attribute in photos. What photo format is best for a website the weight of graphic files affects the page loading spe which also affects positioning.

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What file size is best the answer is simple – as small as possible which also ensures good quality . As a rule the weight of graphic files should not exce kilobytes although in some cases it is worth trying to optimize as much as possible e.G.  to the Germany Email List gallery. You can ruce the file size by converting the photo to another format. Alternatively ruce its resolution. Remember that more and more users browse websites using a smartphone so using high resolution photos is not a good idea. Images on websites can come in different formats. The most common image file types are jpg and png . The former maintain high quality with a smaller file size.

Country Email List

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The latter usually take up more space but allow you to save an image without a background. If you don’t ne transparent graphics jpg will work better. own alternative to the above solutions – webp . The company uses this format among others on Germany Phone Number List youtube and google play. The biggest advantage of using this type of file is that the page loads much faster.  and more pleasant for the visitor which in turn translates into positioning. Pagespe insights is a tool where you can check among others performance and page loading spe.

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