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Rather, one of the challenges will be to re-motivate and reassure employees. When the global work environment is troubling, it’s up to individual companies to shield their employees to create an engagd and engagd workforce. employee engagement Matthieu Silberman, chief product officer at Powell Software, believes employee engagement and inclusion will accelerate in 2022. This trend will continue in the years to come. Matthieu has observd that more and more Powell intranet customers are adding employee participation features to their intranet deployments.

Reliance On Bottom Up Communications

HR and communications managers are pushing for intranet retention features such as B. Gamification, quickly after go-live. And database why? They rely on their digital workspace to connect with their employees. inclusion Matthieu also expects inclusion in the digital workplace to be high on the agenda in 2023. Many field workers don’t have access to a digital workspace because they don’t have a desktop or work phone. While a mobile intranet app is readily available, employers and unions have concerns.


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Employers are reluctant to provide field workers with work phones or computers because it is too costly. – In countries like France and BF Leads Germany, unions do not want workers to have professional work apps on their personal devices. CSR & Sustainability Last but not least, employees make greater demands on companies in their personal and professional lives. As consumers, they expect more from the companies they buy from. As employees, they want to work for organizations that take their CSR commitments seriously.

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