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Android operates under an opensource Los vs android – smartphone market share market. Division of systems for mobile devices november source . Gs.Statcounter. Os-market-share mobile worldwide ios in iphone – level of built-in security ios devices have advanc security. Features that protect the entire system including applications running on the app store platform. Thanks to them apple devices have a high level of security already at the stage of taking the phone out of the box. The biggest advantage of ios is that it is a clos system. Apple protects the source code from app developers preventing them from making their own modifications.

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Thanks to these protections apple minimizes the risk of detecting security vulnerabilities in ios. At the expense of poorer system personalization or the lack of overlays that change the appearance and functioning of the system itself. Android Realtor Email List in your smartphone – level of built-in security smartphones using android are more vulnerable to potential attacks due to the openness of the system – it is publicly available to all willing developers. license which means that users can freely modify their phone’s operating system but google is not responsible for any damage caus as a result of the changes.  system means that hackers are more likely to target android users including to a greater risk of detecting a security vulnerability.

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Additionally the popularity of the android operating system which is currently estimat at . Billion devices is much greater than ios and accounts for as much as .  systems for smartphones. This makes cybercriminals much more Jamaica WhatsApp Number willing to create viruses and attack the android system due to the greater potential exposure of malware in this target group. Is android safe google decid to make the android source code available to users and developers which influenc its popularity and availability on mobile devices from various manufacturers.

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