Your business growth must be

The post is scalable and the training is even continued. Leader: We are the first Hubspot agency in DROM and a top 5 agency in France and Spain. BF Lead You, Ideal Profile We are looking for someone (Account Manager/Customer Success Manager type) who can independently manage their own client accounts and service provider partners. He or she must have business, marketing and technical skills.

Training programs are becoming

Increasingly complex and technical, which a priori is best waxing the benches of engineering, business/marketing or communications schools. But we are open to all types of experienced profiles, even web SMS Gateway Iraq autodidacts who are very customer oriented and obsessed with customer experience. Experience and Prerequisites You already have at least 3 years of  experience eonsultantcon sultanate advertiser) and have very good people skills.  To put the question into perspective, here are the figures for retail in 2020 (according to Fevad): Turnover in the e-commerce sector increased by 8.5%, with 17,400 more sites compared to last year.

The competition is fierce and

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The e-commerce market is developing rapidly. It is necessary to allocate a budget commensurate with your ambitions. A digital marketing budget that spans sales, marketing and aftersales/loyalty budgets is critical in the hope of achieving an interesting ROI. Your business growth must be based on a strategy developed in partnership with your marketing, sales and BF Leads customer relations teams. So you can quickly take corrective actions to guide your investments based on your stage of development: Acquisitions: How to attract new potential customers? Activation: How to get them to buy? Revenue: How to increase revenue (cross-sell, up-sell)? Retention: How to retain customers (CRM, membership card, etc.)? Advice: How do you get one customer to bring you another? marketing, sales

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