You have full control over your expenses

You have full control over your expenses Managing ads in the allegro ads panel the appearance of the allegro ads panel the panel is clear and easy to manage. Using it you can run product ads on allegro yourself and set budget rates. You can turn advertising on and off at any time. Allegro ads advertising panel how to create your first campaign on allegro go to https allegro.Plads log in using your allegro account details and password. Click on the “Add campaign” button. Advertising campaign in allegro ads . Select the type of offer – “Sponsor offers” then click “Configure campaign” . Choosing an allegro ads advertising campaign.

Campaign name in allegro ads select

Give your campaign and ad group a name. Remember – the name of the campaign will only be visible to you. You can then quickly find the advertis offers on the list of all ongoing campaigns. Therefore it is worth setting up a friendly name.  advertis offers. You Jamaica Email List have several options to choose from I advertise all offers – selecting this option will automatically display all your products to potential customers. I advertise bestsellers – default advertising of the most popular products from your offer. I will set rules for offers – this option allows you to automatically set a rule according to which offers will be display.

Country Email List

In the next step choose the place

You can choose the advertising feature of your offer e.G. All trousers up to pln . I will manually select the offer – you mark the products you plan to Japan WhatsApp Number List promote. where the ad will be broadcast. You can individually set where the ad will be display as well as select recommend default options. Allegro ads advertising broadcast specify your budget and broadcast dates then click “Create campaign”. Allegro ads ad configuration the daily budget is the amount you want to spend on advertising over hours.

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