What are the motives of the elusive

What are the motives of the elusive  Books are their whole life but it is the only thing that connects them. They compete professionally with each other and so far none of their meetings have ended well. Nora goes on a well-deserved vacation to Sunshine Falls. However instead of enjoying and resting she keeps running into… Charlie. Breslau forever New ebook and audiobook on Legimi – Breslau forever. Category Fantasy sci-fi Author Andrzej Ziemiański Publisher Fabryka Słów Access on Legimi ebook audiobook Number of pages Listening time hours min. Staszewski is the best dog of the Wrocław police station. He is investigating an idiotic case that has been going on since the s. One by one the officers involved in it died.

In pre-war Breslau the same investigation

There is and has never been any suspect.  brought down the officers of the German Kripo. In the ruins of post-war Wrocław – citizen militiamen. What Malaysia Email List will this Staszewski case lead to To the conspiracy sect curse the heart of Breslau or like its predecessors… to death Pokot Pokot by Piotr Kościelny is already available in the Legimi subscription. Category Suspense thriller Author Piotr Kościelny Publisher Skarpa Warszawska Access on Legimi ebook audiobook Number of pages Listening time hours min. Another serial killer is loose in Wrocław.

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For Sikora this is the most difficult

This time he targets children. Investigators Sikora and Bielecki try to catch the perpetrator before panic breaks out in the city. investigation in his Malaysia Phone Number career which is influenced by his private problems. When they finally find out who the murderer is high-ranking people try to hide this fact from the public. A fight against time begins because the murderer plans further crimes. killer Does anyone want the truth not to come to light How will Sikora and Bielecki’s private affairs intertwine with their professional challenges.

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