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To understand better there is nothing. When doing digital marketing or managing a website it’s essential to know exactly where your visitors from. If you invest in google ads facebook ads or any other paid marketing channel isn’t it crucial to know which campaign generat. sales what are utms this three.letter word is actually an acronym for urchin tracking module. These words are a bit.plicat. and to simplify understanding they are parameters that we insert into the urls to obtain information in google analytics regarding the keyword the campaign the source that generat. the visit. better than an example.

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Here is a url to which we have integrat. the utm parameters.keyweo.utm.source newsletter utm.m.ium email utm.campaign.newsletter.mensuelle utm.content banniere in this url we can see two main parts the base url.keyweo.and separat. by a the South Africa Cell Phone Number List parameters which are actually our famous utms. If you pay attention to the breakdown of each utm you can notice that they are broken down into parts the type of utm for example utm.source a value associat. with the utm for example newsletter why use utm parameters in my marketing campaigns if like many webmasters you have google analytics install. on your site then utms will quickly be.e an indispensable tool for you.

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These parameters allow you to tell google analytics how it should classify the traffic arriving at your site. Bas. on these parameters google analytics will be able to classify your visitors into groups and subgroups that you can consult directly on your tracking South Africa WhatsApp Number tables.  this classification yourself with a little rigor. ne. utms you want to analyze how many sales your last newsletter generat. you want to analyze in detail the number of visitors arriving on your site through facebook ads you want to see how your keywords perform on bing.

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