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This address can be dynamic and chang regularly When setting up an SPF record it is worth remembering one important thing. If you use the operator’s email panel .. you should include the IP address of your hosting in the SPF record. If you use external email applications the message is sent using the IP address of your device which contains the IP address of your Internet network operator . by the ISP administrator. SPF is basic email security but it is only us to verify the address provid in the MAIL FROM field.

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The message headline itself may still be susceptible to modification by fraudsters. DKIM security on the domain The DKiM function is a more advanc e-mail protection against impersonating your e-mail address. Unlike the above-mention SPF record Slovenia Email List it uses an encrypt message signature which confirms the cribility of the sender of the correspondence. The operation of DKiM consists in generating two cryptographic keys – private and public – and their mutual verification. message while public is includ in the domain configuration similar to an SPF record . When sending an e-mail from your e-mail address a digital signature is add and its compliance with the public key in the domain zone is check by the destination e-mail server.

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If the data is correct the message is receiv on the recipient’s server. If the message does not contain a digital signature or is invalid the message Slovenia Phone Number will be reject. security is the use of encrypt algorithms which today are practically impossible to decrypt and manipulate their contents. This largely affects not only the security of correspondence but also builds the image of a professional and reliable company. DKIM activation at is free and available for all domains locat on our DNS servers.

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